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22th November 2015

Jacqui 6th Dan
We have been very fortunate in SVJ Karate Club to receive regular support and guidance from Jacqui O'Shea sensei.
Jacqui is one of Ireland's most senior karateka, and a role model to all club members for her tireless dedication to her students, to SKIF and to all who have been fortunate enough to know her as a friend.
So we are especially thrilled to report today's news of her promotion to Rokudan (6th Dan) at the SKIF grading in Cork today.

18th November 2015

Congratulations to our members who graded with sensei Murakami this week.
  • Stefan Izota 1st Kyu
  • Vinh Bui 5th Kyu
  • Simon Daniel 5th Kyu (double grade)
  • Nhuy Bui 7th Kyu
  • Nina Brenan 7th Kyu
  • Cillian Gilbride 8h Kyu
  • Bianca Bacaoanu 8th Kyu
  • Miguel Lenihan 8th Kyu
  • Cliodhna Lenihan 8th Kyu
  • Andy Izota 8th Kyu
  • Tomas Troncoso 8th Kyu
  • Philip O’Neill 8th Kyu (double grade)
  • Jayden Grogan 9th Kyu
  • Callum Grogan 9th Kyu
  • Bonnie Gilhooly 9th Kyu
  • Molly Byrne 9th Kyu
  • Michael Sullivan 9th Kyu
  • Marta Alvarez 9th Kyu
Kyu Grading.
Happy Kids.
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14th November 2015

SVJ French Flag
After the shocking terrorist attacks in Paris, we extend our sympathies to our many French members, families and friends at this difficult time.
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