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30 July 2009

Jacqui O'Shea takes Gold in the SKIF World Championships, Athens, Greece
Jacqui O'Shea (4th Dan) took gold medal at the Shotokan Karate-do International Federation World Championships in Athens in the ladies Master Kata event. Kanazawa Kancho's 10th World Championships were held in Athens, Greece, from the 20th to 26th July with over 1000 karateka competed from 50 countries at the 'Peace and Friendship' Olympic Stadium.
Her performance of the kata was complimented by many, including the Japanese men's and ladies coaches, who were highly impressed with her standard.
Jacqui O'Shea takes Gold
GearĂ³id Quinn, Jacqui O'Shea, Kenny Mason
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22 June 2009

The club would like to wish the best of luck to Jacqui O'Shea and Kenny Mason as they travel to Athens in Greece to represent Ireland in the 10th SKIF World Championships.

28 April 2009

Well done to all those who graded with Kancho Kanazawa and Nobuaki Kanazawa Sensei in Dublin on the 21st April.
A special mention to Kenny Mason, Steven Rees and Edward Walsh who successfully passed their Shodan (1st Dan) gradings and to Rob Nolan who successfully passed his Nidan (2nd Dan) grading in Cork on the 26th April. Their names have been added to the Club Yudansha.
Kenny Mason, Edward Walsh, Steven Rees, Rob Nolan
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