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9th May 2017

Congratulations to all our members who graded with Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa.
  • Simon Daniel 1st Kyu
  • Claudia Bacaoanu 2nd Kyu
  • Nhuy Bui 3rd Kyu
  • Philip O'Neil 4th Kyu
  • Bianca Bacaonu 5th Kyu
  • Bonnie Gilhooly 5th Kyu
  • Callum Grogan 5th Kyu
  • Jayden Grogan 5th Kyu
  • Tomas Troncoso 5th Kyu
  • Michael Sullivan 5th Kyu
  • Nicole Mare 6th Kyu
  • Vanessa Calian 6th Kyu
  • Angelika Gorbaczewska 6th Kyu
  • Lily McQuaid 6th Kyu
  • Daisy Terry 7th Kyu
  • Delia Mihoc 7th Kyu
  • Lucia Chidovat 7th Kyu
  • Eliza Rusu 7th Kyu
  • Daniel Mihoc 7th Kyu
  • Cian Grogan 7th Kyu
  • Maxwell O'Connor 8th Kyu
  • Rayhaan Moussa 8th Kyu
  • Jack Hyland 8th Kyu
  • May McCann 9th Kyu
  • Rahella Danca 9th Kyu
  • Camelia Ghiuzan 9th Kyu
  • Priscilla Pirtac 9th Kyu
  • Ludmila Gorbaczewska 9th Kyu
  • Oisin Fallon 9th Kyu
  • Fionn Fallon 9th Kyu

30th April 2017

Delighted to report that Ashling McNabb was awarded her JKA Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt) by senseis Kawasoe and Mori in London this weekend.
Ashling Black Belt

1st April 2017

Delighted to see our mate Colin O'Hehir successfully test for his JTKI Shodan (black belt) under Kawasoe sensei in Cork today. And no, it's not an April Fool joke.
Colin Black Belt

26th February 2017

Congratulations to Ashling and Thomas who did very well yesterday at the Piltown Open karate tournament.
Tomas Troncoso won the adult kata competition (10th – 6th kyu grade) and came second in the kumite competition, while Ashling McNabb took runner-up position in the senior ladies' kumite (black belt) event.
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