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13th November 2016

Well done to our members who took part in the SKIF Ireland Kanazawa Cup in St Patrick's College, Drumcondra. We saw really excellent performances by our junior and senior members, with Jayden Grogan winning silver medal in his age group kata event and Callum Grogan taking bronze in his. Callum also won a bronze medal in his age group's kumite event.
Marvin Koguere also won bronze in the adult category. For most of our members this major event was their first competition experience and they performed incredibly well against top class national and international competitors.

18th October 2016

New grading with Murakami sensei, and as usual our members performed well. Everybody passsed their grade. Congrats!
  • Bianca Bacaoanu 6th Kyu
  • Diana Mare 6th Kyu
  • Aisling Smith 6th Kyu
  • Eileen Cryan 6th Kyu
  • Laura Kelly 6th Kyu
  • Michael Sullivan 7th Kyu
  • Angelika Gorbaczewksa 7th Kyu
  • Lily McQuaid 7th Kyu
  • Nicole Mare 8th Kyu
  • Daniel Mihoc 8th Kyu
  • Calbhach Harte-O'Reilly 9th Kyu
  • Daisy Terry 9th Kyu
  • Maxwell O'Connor 9th Kyu
  • Rayhaan Moussa 9th Kyu
  • Delia Mihoc 9th Kyu
  • Lucia Chidovat 9th Kyu
  • Jack Hyland 9th Kyu
  • Eliza Rusu 9th Kyu
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