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SVJ Karate Club

c/o St. Josephs Primary School
Fairview, Dublin 3
089 417 9931
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27th April 2016

Congratulations to all our members who attended the course and grading with Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa. They all passed their grades.Well done!
  • Claudia Bacaoanu 3rd Kyu
  • Richard Cadar 3rd Kyu
  • Evan Murphy 3rd Kyu
  • Vinh Bui 4th Kyu
  • Simon Daniel 4th Kyu
  • Nina Brenan 6th Kyu
  • Nhuy Bui 6th Kyu
  • Laura Kelly 7th Kyu
  • Eileen Cryan 7th Kyu
  • Aisling Smith 7th Kyu
  • Diana Mare 7th Kyu
  • Bianca Bacaoanu 7th Kyu
  • Thomas Troncoso 7th Kyu
  • Cillian Gilbride 7th Kyu
  • Andy Izota 7th Kyu
  • Lily McQuaid 8th Kyu
  • Angelika Gorbaczewska 8th Kyu
  • Harry McGirr 8th Kyu
  • Jayden Grogan 8th Kyu
  • Callum Grogan 8 th Kyu
  • Bonnie Gilhooly 8th Kyu
  • Michael Sullivan 8th Kyu
  • Alex O'Reilly 8th Kyu
  • Sean Drew 8th Kyu
  • Barney Joyce 8th Kyu
  • Cian Grogan 9th Kyu
  • Marvin Koguere 9th Kyu
  • Daniel Mihoc 9th Kyu
  • Vanessa Calian 9th Kyu
  • Alexandra Balasca 9th Kyu
  • Alex Diaconescu 9th Kyu
  • Nicole Mare 9th Kyu
  • David Balasca 9th Kyu
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12th April 2016

Congratulations to Cathal and Lily who represented the club brilliantly on SWIPE TV, won the battle of the clubs, and poor Steven was placed in the gunge chamber. All in a day's fun, and great a great experience for the club members to have been a part of this RTÉ production.
Steven gunged
Lily and Cathal
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